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Good morning Traders!

As I told you yesterday… I am super excited about this new alert. It looks like a stock that is absolutely ready to move and quickly so I don’t want you to miss out. That pick is DTST.

So what is it about DTST that makes it so appealing?

First and foremost, DTST operates in one of the hottest and fastest growing Tech Sectors today – Cloud Computing.  In fact, IT Research group, Gartner, anticipates the Cloud Computing industry will see more than $180 BIL in spending by the end of 2015!

Now that’s a staggering figure, but consider everyone from Microsoft to Apple to Google all employ Cloud Technology and its estimated that a over 1 Exabyte of data is currently stored in clouds!  We’re assuming an exabyte is a heck of alot!

And of course, DTST is certainly taking advantage of this cash cow sector as the company has seen Revenues Grow significantly each and every year!

Yet, for some reason DTST has flown back under the radar with an even smaller Market Value than before of just $804,941– that’s over $1 MIL less than the company’s entire Gross Profits in 2014!


Could DTST produce huge profits today? Let’s dig in….


As we noted in the past, DTST actually has a nice history of rallies!

Just this past September, it saw a 400%+ Rally from .038 to .20!!

In fact, our MACD Indicator just saw a Cross of the Line & Signal into BULLISH DIVERGENCE!

It seems this chart may be coming together once again for the perfect storm.

So could DTST repeat history and surge again for 3rd time?

Data Storage Corporation, a 13-year veteran in cloud-based technology solutions industry focused on data protection and business continuity solutions that help organizations of all types and sizes protect their data, minimize downtime, ensure regulatory compliance, and recover and restore data quickly.

DTST manages four data centers and leverages leading technologies through partnerships with a who’s who of industry titans such as IBM, Dell, Cisco Systems, and VM Ware!

So How Does The Cloud Actually Work?

Computers crash?  Flood destroy your office?  Have no fear!  With the cloud, you don’t need to worry about losing data!

DTST essentially assists Clients in minimizing downtime in potential disasters and increasing productivity by storing company’s data off-site, in distinct geographical regions and setting upefficient systems to allow for the intact retrieval of the data when needed.

DTST offers multiple solutions for all your Cloud-based needs:

Recovery Cloud:  Data Backup and Recovery solutions with high security protection

IBM iSeries Solutions:  System Mirroring at the company’s Data Centers

Email Archiving:  Turn emails into searchable documents, reducing storage usage & costs!

With more and more companies turning to the Cloud and the industry growing at astronomical rates – so too have DTST’s Revenues!

With over $4.5 MIL in Revenues and nearly $2 MIL in Gross Profits in 2013, this company has seen it’s Revenues nearly DOUBLE since 2010 and grow year after year!  The company has also significantly reduced it’s net loss each year.  Take a look below…

2014 Revenues may be out soon and it’s already looking like it’ll be another banner year!

Don’t delay because DTST looks ready to be the pick of the week and I’d hate for you to miss out on these monster sized profits.

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