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Penny Picks Alerts - The Clear Leader for a Reason

Before becoming the hottest stock picking service, the founders of PENNY PICKS were successful venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. Our team of researchers brings you more than 75 years combined experience in stock trading.

We sift through tens of stocks on a daily basis looking for the next big mover. As you probably know, penny stocks are volatile and provide tremendous opportunity for short term gains.

Here is what you will get by joining the PENNY PICKS newsletter:

  • The Full Penny Stocks Trading Report.
  • We’ve Been Watching Several Penny Stocks Over The Last Couple of Months. Learn Everything About These Companies Instantly Through Our Full Report.
  • Find Out If a Penny Stock’s Trend Will Continue Or Reverse.
  • Penny Stocks Are Volatile. Join Our Newsletter To Find Why they Could See Even More Volatility In The Near Future.
  • Accurate Technical Analysis.
  • Get All The Technical Indicators You Need To Examine The Hottest Penny Stocks In a Better Way. Technical Indicators Are Based On Historical Price Fluctuations.
  • Find Out the TRUTH About The Hottest Penny Stocks.
  • REAL TIME Notifications.
  • The Hottest Penny Stocks On Our Radar. Get Real Time Alerts By Email and SMS
  • Don’t Buy Penny Stocks Until You Read Our Newsletter.
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I started out as a complete beginner in trading and through your e-mails I have become not only experienced, but also a profitable trader. Your very first e-mail to me helped to educate me and get me started down the road I now am on. I can now proudly call myself a full time trader... all thanks to you!

- Phil, Chicago

The information you put in your e-mails is insane. Every time I read one I learn something new. Your newsletter has helped me become a great trader. I always heard penny stocks were a valuable part of investing, but now I know for myself. Your newsletter is beyond value to me.

- Mark Camin

First, thanks for everything you do. My family and I really appreciate the value you bring to the table and our portfolio value reflects that. I appreciate the fact that you always have e-mailed me back. No one else does that.

- Brent, Los Gatos, CA